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Good Morning – And, may I say once again GOOD MORNING! Since I started working with Robin and RECHARGED MY LIFE I wake up ready to tackle my world. My name is Kimberly and I was fighting Lyme’s Disease for a good 5 years! Ok, here’s the kicker I didn't know what I was fighting. For that long I was missed diagnosed by several doctors or was just told there was nothing wrong with me and I was pretty much crazy. I got to where I couldn't really even walk for 8 MONTHS without great effort and excruciating pain.

My white blood count went sky high and they thought I had MS then fibromyalgia rheumatic fever and so on and so on. There were times I had such great pain in my shoulders I couldn't even pick up a fork or spoon to feed myself. Then I was put on Extreme high doses of Prednisone to bring the white count down. Boy, then I really had problems and finally it went into my spinal column and into my brain.

I was finally diagnosed correctly from a place in Connecticut after I completely lost 3 days and woke up in the hospital in the Critical Care unit. They put me on antibiotics for almost a year and things got better. But 7 YEARS LATER I was still dealing with post attacks and fatigue off and on.

I heard about Robin and her Biomeridian testing. I was tested and followed her recommendations of homeopathies, herbals and nutrition. In about 48 hours, I couldn't believe how much better I was sleeping and my energy stamina lasted all day. I have not had any post Lyme’s joint pain or nerve pain in almost THREE MONTHS! I’m also a cancer survivor.

In 2014 I found out I had stage 3 colorectal cancer and very happy to say after almost 2 years of treatment along with surgery of a bowel reconstruction and colostomy I’m cancer free! But with treatments you have some side effects one of mine is very soft bones. The testing that was done with Biomeridian showed all the things like my soft bones from my chemo and radiation, to even the exact strain of my Lyme’s Disease so that Robin was able to recommend the supplements that would help me. At one point I was in tears because it hit me - “OH THIS IS WHAT I’M SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE. Healthy and Happy!”  I’m so Very Grateful! Thank you Robin for helping me! – Kimberly, Great Plains, MO

“I was very impressed by Robin Ball’s Biomeridian test. It was comprehensive and informative. She is confident and made me feel comfortable. Her knowledge of the acupuncture points and interpretation of the test results was great. I have always been an advocate of supporting my health through natural means and her “library” of herbs and homeopathics allowed me to do just that.”
KB, Branson, MO

“Sharing my health concerns with Robin has paid off! I’m now more relaxed and my day is not so crazy. Her suggestions have made a huge difference.” SP, North Carolina

WOW! What a great experience. I’m so glad I heard about this test. I think my daily “sick and tired” feelings have a chance to turn into “well and energetic!” Thank you Robin for what you’re doing.”
Peggy, Hollister, MO

“As a man, I don’t always feel comfortable expressing how I feel about my health challenges. But, Robin’s kind demeanor and sincerity gave me the green flag to describe what I really needed to address. The health test proved that my concerns were valid and the recommendations Robin made were excellent. I would give the experience top ratings.”
Daniel, Branson West, MO

“I heard about Robin and her testing from a friend who recommended her. I’m so glad I followed through with an appointment. The health test was amazing and the information I received was extremely helpful. I have some health concerns I wanted to improve through natural supplements. I’ve been following her suggestions and already I feel better.”
Tracy, Morrisville, MO

Amazing! The closest thing I’ve experienced to understanding how my body functions and what I can do to make improvements. Highly recommend.
MA, Milwaukee, WI

“I’ve had problems with a skin condition for years and no one seems to be able to help. I heard about Robin and thought I had nothing to lose so I made an appointment. Robin’s machine was able to identify a few areas that needed to be balanced to hopefully bring about a positive change. I have been following her advice with a topical and ingestible natural product and I’m seeing improvement!”
Brady, KC, MO

“My challenge with constant stress caused me to see Robin and to be tested. The test she performed was “point-on” (pun intended). Not only did my accupoints lead her to the organ that was out of balance but she was then able to recommend several supplements that will help relieve my stress naturally. As an added benefit, she also discussed emotional/mental exercises that will help bring about positive change and reduce my stress. This was a very good experience.”
BG, Kansas City, MO

“So glad I took the time to have this health test done. What I learned was so interesting and now I have direction on what to do to keep my body healthy.”
 HB, Reeds Springs, MO

“I would say the Biomeridian test Robin does is fascinating! She has the unit/equipment set up in a way that you can follow what she’s doing and she explains along the way what organ is being tested. Her feedback about what the test shows is comprehensive and her suggestions for improvement are easy to follow. When I left her office I felt like she took the time to listen and I had gained valuable information regarding my health.”
Mandie, Kirbyville, MO

Although Robin is a retired Physical Therapist, her concern for others’ health lives on. The work she’s doing is not only about the physical body but also addresses the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health. During my appointment we discussed more than my physical concerns. We looked at how my attitudes and beliefs affect my health too. She has a way about her that makes you feel important. Now that’s a comprehensive visit!
Geoff, Warrensburg, MO

Robin, I wanted to take a minute and tell you that I'm incredibly thankful for you. I've been wondering what has been wrong with me for a few years now and I really think that I'm onto the right path to wellness with what you're providing me with. I know I'm limited on what I can take right now (because of my pregnancy), but still have peace knowing that someday soon, I'll be able to give my body a makeover and help make everything function the way it is meant to. Biology is what I majored in at Drury and body systems have always been incredibly interesting to me. Anyways, thanks again for being so great! Leona, Southwestern Missouri




Office Hours by Appointment
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