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 1) What do I need to do to prepare for a BioScan Health Assessment?

Fill out this 4-page client information form and bring it with you.

On the day of testing do not use perfume or lotion on hands and feet.

Turn off/remove cell phone, pager or other electrical device and place several feet away from testing area.

Remove watches, jewelry, Q-links, ionic pendants and other “protective” devices.

Please let us know if you have a pacemaker, an electric medical device or if you are pregnant. 

It’s important to be well hydrated with water the day before and the day of the test. For example: If you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces or about 9 glasses of water.

A parent or guardian must accompany patients under the age of eighteen at each visit.

This is a non-invasive and pain free test.

2) What is meant by long distance and remote health testing services? 

If you don’t live near our office or if an office visit is inconvenient, we offer our services through long distance and remote health testing. We will be able to provide the same valuable information and nutritional recommendations as if you had the assessment in person. Please call for additional information: 417-501-9757.

3) Why are there 2 different names for the same medical device that supports the functional testing of organs and organ systems? 

The FDA-approved BioScan and BioMeridian MSA (Meridian Stress Management) medical devices are similar in that they assess the viability of organs and organ systems. Several years ago, the BioMeridian device was renamed Bioscan. The newer medical unit (BioScan) has been updated with more beneficial information to help assist with health testing and nutritional recommendations.

4) What do you charge for your services? 

  • BioScan Health Assessment (allow 2 hours): $83 (a $42 savings). Follow-up testing: $60.
  • Remote healing or distance healing: $175 - includes Health Assessment, color-coded biofeedback graph of your current organ/organ system status and recommendations for nutritional supplementation.
  • Life Coaching and Wellness Coaching: $75 per hour
  • Skype Consultation 30-minute: $35
  • Dog or Cat Health Assessment/Allergy Testing: $75

5) Why should I get a health assessment? 

If you’re stressed and fatigued, suffer from headaches, digestion issues, allergies, body weight challenges or if you’re interested in finding a natural approach to maintaining health you’ll want to schedule a BioScan Health Assessment

The test is a valuable health assessment tool. It provides us with insight by reporting the functional health of your organs/organ systems while uncovering patterns of stress. The BioScan extensive database also gives nutritional recommendations that can be applied to an individualized wellness plan

In addition, the BioScan can report how our body’s meridian system (which transports energy) is maintaining conductivity and resisting invasion of external factors that contribute to disease. A disruption in the endless circulation of energy in the meridian could cause system imbalance and predispose the body to disease. 

6) Do I need an appointment? 

Yes, please call us at 417-501-9757 to schedule an appointment. 

7) How long will it take before I start to see improvement in my health problems?

Some people feel an immediate improvement in their health. Progress is the key and there should be some definite, objective improvement within 2 months if what we are doing and recommend is going to work. Then, the goal is to keep you improving on a consistent basis. Our goal is to get you healthier.

It’s not uncommon for us to work with people who have had health problems for decades. True healing takes time. It’s not a magic pill.

You will continue to improve and make strides in your health as you age.  

It’s important for you to know we don’t have a cure for your problem whether it is a rashMS, diabetes or cancer.

8) What can the BioScan Health Assessment help with?

Lyme’s Disease, fatigue, pain management, weight control, stress management, allergies, headaches (including migraines), diet, food sensitivities, emotional balance, chronic conditions, environmental toxins, and identifying areas of energetic stress that are associated with disease processes.

Also, the BioScan contains an extensive database of over 40,000 items to identify stressors and potential sensitivities including but not limited to environmental, food and chemical sensitivities. Therefore, a sensitivity/intolerance test is possible with the BioScan.

9) How long does it take to get the test results back?

The initial in-office evaluation is approximately 2 hours. A follow-up appointment is approximately 45 minutes. At the end of both sessions, you will receive a personalized detailed report and recommendations on what you can do to restore/maintain a healthy body. If you choose a remote/distance test, you can expect test results and supplementation recommendations within 3-5 days.

10) How often should I get tested?

We determine this on your first test.    

11) Is the BioScan technology able to diagnosis?

A BioScan evaluation is a test to evaluate your body’s functional health. That means it checks to see if the organs are in optimal working order.

While the BioScan does not provide a medical diagnosis on its own, it can significantly assist in focusing on areas of concern in your body.

We can then suggest a natural supplementation program to help correct imbalances and/or maintain your health or suggest additional alternative testing.

The biggest benefit of this technology is that it will determine or detect stressors that proceed the disease process. That is because one of the first things to be affected as a person moves away from health is a decrease in energy. This technology allows us to determine and identify dysfunctions in the early stages, often before real damage occurs.

12) How does the test work?

Overall, a meridian health assessment test provides a completely non-invasive method for gaining valuable information about the bodies vital functions. The primary objective of this procedure is to disclose patterns of stress and to provide feedback to help restore each system to its appropriate balance.

The BioScan measures electromagnetic energy by sending a micro current through an acupuncture (or meridian) point and measuring the amount of resistance that occurs.

A point reflecting a healthy body system has a very specific resistance. Imbalance or stress in a system tends to alter the meridian resistance. When an organ system is stressed and not functioning at optimal levels, the acupuncture points begin to block up and resist the micro current.

If the Biomeridian detects excessive resistance at three or more acupuncture points, it is indicative of that organ or system being stressed. This gives us a better opportunity to decide where to focus our attention.

As a body moves towards or away from health, the condition of any particular organ or system can be sensed along the acupuncture/meridians. These measurements are recorded and plotted on a color-coded graph which records the test results and provides a profile of your present condition.

This analysis shows balanced acupuncture/meridian points in green, weakened points in yellow and imbalanced points in red. 

If values are above or below equilibrium, the BioScan’s state-of-the-art software will show a number of options that will help your body regain balance. We can review herbal, homeopathic, and nutritional products to determine which would be most beneficial for you.

In order for the body to function at an optimal level you need to have the proper amount of energy flowing through your meridians. We could compare this system to the electrical wires in your home that supply energy to different parts of the house.

The screening test is very comprehensive in its approach and takes about 75 minutes.  

When the exam is complete, you will receive a color-coded copy showing the status of your body’s organs/systems, recommendations for nutritional supplementation and a retest appointment to determine your progress.

The meridian stress assessment system does not provide a medical diagnosis. If patients suspect that they need medical intervention they should consult their physicians who can provide medical diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment regimens.

13) What other findings are possible with the testing?

BioScan testing can be used to test response to proposed therapies such as specific nutrients or herbs by retesting imbalanced points to see if they strengthen in response. It also can be used to find causes of specific problems such as:
food and environment sensitivities, mold/metal/vaccination influences, Lymes Disease issues, co-infections and reactivated infections and emotional conditions that interfere with healing.

14) Why does the BioScan test energy in the acupuncture/meridian points?

BioScan testing measures electrical conductivity in meridian points that reflect all of the body’s various systems and tissues. Meridians are the body’s energy pathways on which acupuncture points are found.

The presence of “energy” is literally the difference between living and non-living tissue. If someone is taken to the hospital and there is a question of whether they are alive or dead, that can only accurately be answered by two tests, EEG and EKG. One looks at energy production and movement in the brain (EEG) and the other in the heart (EKG). Literally, no energy – no life!

The first measurable alteration in living tissue that is functioning less than ideally is a change in its energy level. Many tests that attempt to look at disease in different body systems such as PET scans (a test that helps reveal how your tissues and organs are functioning) do so by imaging “energy”.

15) Does the BioScan Health Assessment look at how my body is functioning?

Yes, the testing offers an efficient tool to look at how the body functions in relation to health as well as a way to monitor and guide therapies to correct imbalances.

16) How do I know if the supplements I currently take are good for me?

You can schedule an assessment evaluation for the products you are currently taking. There is a $60 charge for this service.

17) What if I am unable to come to the Recharge Your Life office?

If it’s not convenient for you to come to our office to be tested, you’ll want to take advantage of our remote health testing. We will be able to provide the exact same valuable information and nutritional recommendations as if you had the assessment in person. Please call for additional information: 417-501-9757.

18) Can testing be done on someone who has been diagnosed with Autism or Attention Deficit Disorder? 

Yes, if someone has been diagnosed with Autism or Attention Deficit Disorder, the Biomeridian test can be done. 

19) What is the history of using an acupuncture/meridian point for testing? And, are there any studies that show results? 

Traditional Chinese Medicine identified thousands of years ago that people have a network of energy pathways that flow through their body, like rivers of energy. Today’s scientists have shown that these energy pathways exist and that the energy can be measured. 

Although diagnosing and treating the body through acupuncture points and meridians has been done for thousands of years in eastern societies, accounts of it did not appear in western medical publications until about 1825 when a report of its use to treat rheumatism appeared. Randomized clinical trials, a sophisticated form of research that is designed to validate clinical effect, began to appear in the mid-1970s.

One of the great curiosities more recently has been exactly what is different around a meridian point compared to other tissue near it. The primary difference has proven to be its electromagnetic energy which is 60-80% less than adjacent tissue.

One of the more interesting studies regarding meridians used radioisotope injections into both meridian points and into adjacent skin areas not on a meridian. 

Following injection, the meridians were monitored with a gamma camera which traces the isotope. With direct injection of the meridian, the isotope migrated along the entire acupuncture meridian while no migration was seen with injection of other skin areas. The isotope migration directly followed the acupuncture meridian and not the anatomical pathways of blood or lymphatic circulation.

The next phase of study compared similar isotope injections into a kidney meridian point on both the left and right sides in both healthy subjects and in subjects with known kidney disease. Subjects with kidney disease had altered isotope flow only on the side of the involved kidney confirming that the meridians do reflect the functional state of the related organ or system.

Please see research and studies on the Biomeridian Stress Assessment Technology.



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